Creative Noticeboard Ideas

Creative ideas for your office/classroom noticeboards

Noticeboards may sound slightly mundane to the majority of us, but they are used to display relevant and meaningful information. In the work industry, we sometimes forget how important it is to be creative with the material we are showing, but there are many ways you can be fun and creative as well as showing relevant information.

Thinking creatively with noticeboards will make people want to stop and read what you've got on display, which for most, is what you want from your colleagues or students. We have put together a list of creative ideas for offices/classrooms in the hope that we can inspire the way you create your displays.

That's right a smile can change someones day! 

Work can be a fun and exciting place for most of us but sometimes it can be difficult to stay positive if you are going through personal issues at home. Having a board with a different quote displayed everyday can make people feel more motivated and positive and hopefully will encourage your staff/colleagues to work harder. 

If it makes it easier, you could assign a different staff member to write a different quote for each day of the week. This way everyone gets involved and gets staff members working as a team. 

Creative displays for classrooms

School is a place for children to feel safe and express their personalities so motivating this and getting children to feel positive is extremely important. Having something bright and colourful on bulletin walls is a great way to make children feel happy and positive, there's nothing worse than having noticeboards up with dull black and white text. 

If you need to display crucial information, then have a think about how you can get this across in a non-intimidating way. 

Post-it notes 

Creating a board where staff members can stick down ideas for the business can be a highly positive way of making your staff feel like they are a big part of your company (because remember they are). Having staff members contribute to changes in the company can be extremely beneficial for the growth of your company and how it differs from others. Everyone has a different way of thinking, so imagine how many strong ideas you will be able to gather with the whole team getting involved.

Classroom objectives

Having objectives to work towards every week will get your students motivated and excited to learn different subject areas. Set a different objective for each learning subject every week and display this in a fun, creative way. Get the children involved by helping to put together the objective board. 


I spy with my little eye

A fantastic way to get children's brains working is by adding some fun games to your noticeboards. A great example is creating a board filled with different objects for your students to identify using the game 'I spy with my little eye'.

Employee of the month

It might sound a bit cliche 'employee of the month' but having this on show each week will make your staff and employees feel appreciated, which in time creates harder working staff. 

Create a board and as a team decide who you think has been the most hard-working employee of the month, working in a team and making this decision will make all employees feel part of a team and inspire others to work hard

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