Did you know you can recycle PPE?

Recycling PPE in medical environments and other businesses.

It's been almost two years since COVID came into our lives and it's been a whirlwind of emotions for all of us. One thing we can all say we are guilty of is the amount of PPE we have had to use during this period, and of course it can't be helped - but is there a way to recycle all of the PPE we have been using? It's something that doesn't seem to be spoken much of and a lot of people may not even know it's possible. We are here to get you in the know so you can find out how to recycle your own PPE and pass the message on. 

It is estimated that in the UK we use 55 million single use face masks a day, this is a scary amount with no idea what to do with them once they've been used. Luckily, there is a way!

As you may already know, PPE is being collected in healthcare and NHS environments and recycled on site (pretty amazing stuff), this process is done by melting down the plastic, it's then sent off to be made into recycled PPE, furniture and other useful pieces. This process of recycling can cut medical waste down by 85% if it is used correctly and all across the UK. These different recycling machines can melt down PPE, trays, drapes, and other plastics.  If you're part of the NHS or private healthcare systems you can find out more about recycling PPE here.

Within thousands of different medical environments there are hundreds of health care sectors which means it can be difficult to organise waste into different sectors. A way to separate your PPE as most healthcare systems probably already do, you can use segregated recycling bins. You can choose from a large range of PPE recycling bins on our website here.

Recycling your own PPE at home or at the workplace IS possible but is very rare as local recycling councils don't have the budget for that type of recycling. There are a handful of small businesses which are now offering a PPE recycling service just like Reworked, a company which works to recycle plastics which aren't often recycled and turns them into pieces of furniture and other useful pieces.

If you're part of a small to medium business, it may be worth while using Reworked recycle boxes, these boxes can be purchased on their website and used for recycling PPE in the work place. They will be collected by Reworked and recycled. A great way to encourage staff members to recycle their PPE and any other plastic waste.

Shop PPE and medical waste bins here

There are some recycling businesses which are looking to partner up with small business to help recycle more plastics, so it's worth looking into this but to save you a bit of time, we've listed some below:

 1. Reworked

This company offers a recycling service for PPE and other plastics. You can purchase a recycling box on their website which they will collect from your address and recycle contents for you. 

Click here to find out more.

 2. Lee Brothers

A small business which sells PPE and other equipment but also offers a PPE recycling service.

Click here to find out more. 

 3. First Mile

An inspiring business which offers recycling services across the UK. 

Click here to find out more.

As always, you can shop medical segregation and PPE recycling bins on our website along with hundreds of other litter and recycling bins. Click here to shop the whole range!

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